The Fechner Day is going to take place from 20th to 24th August 2018.

Download the preliminary schedule as PDF:

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We are looking forward to interesting scientific contributions which will be presented at FechnerDay 2018.

(alphabetical order of first authors)



Daniel Algom

The plasticity of the just noticeable difference: resolution power is modified by the presence of unconnected stimuli


Talyta S. Araujo, Lucas A. Vargas, Jose A. L. Jesus and Rosana M.Tristão

The other´s pain: how mothers perceive their infant´s pain perception


Sophia Arndt, Shimeng Liu, Yuko Yamashita, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott and Mark A. Elliott

Critical thinking in the monolingual and bilingual population


Yan Bao

Modulation of temporal order judgment in audition


Ann-Kathrin Beck, Thomas Lachmann, Daniela Czernochowski, Corinna A. Christmann and Stefan Berti

Same stimulus – different constellation: the visual mismatch negativity investigated with garner’s patterns.


Wilhelm Boland

Psychophysical relations in plants


Elisabet Borg

A review of the Borg CR scales and principles


Sebastian Cancino Montecinos

Scaling issues in some common questionnaires in social psychology


Rajesh Chidambaram, Michael Kampffmeyer and Thomas Lachmann

Two dimensional geometric reasoning challenges for prevalent deep neural network algorithms


Patricia Cunha

Acoustic gnosis alterations and its relation to cognition and visual spatial processing performance in children


Sabrina Defren, Patricia B. c. Wesseling, Shanley Allen, Vered Shakuf, Boaz Ben-David and Thomas Lachmann

Disentangling the impact of prosody and semantics in emotional speech perception: a compilation of
emotionally affective and neutral sentences in German


Joanie Drouin, Vincent Laflamme and Simon Grondin

Influence of expectations on the appreciation of brief movies


Naomi du Bois, Aleksander Aksentijevic and Mark A. Elliot

Investigating differences in the effect of stimulus entrainment on auditory cognition as a function of musical training.


Lisa V. Eberhardt, Anke Huckauf and Ferdinand Pittino

Valence of targets and of flankers affects critical spacing in crowding


Wolfgang Ellermeier, Florian Kattner, Ewald Klippenstein and Catherine Marquis-Favre

Judging noise annoyance under concurrent task load: effects of noise sensitivity


Svetlana A. Emelianova, Alexey N. Gusev

Personal self-control defining the observer`s strategies that are used for the loudness discrimination


Leah Fostick

Auditory temporal processing: A single phenomenon or multiple phenomena?


Michelle Galanter

The 2-D Mind: How children develop an understanding of linear perspective


Patricia Geiger, Tina Plank, Géza G. Ambrus, Gyula Kovács and Mark W. Greenlee

Multisensory interaction between olfaction and face gender judgements


Christian Graff

Comparing sensory capacity: an estimate of functional wealth


Christian Hatzfeld, Mario Kupnik and Florian Kattner

Comparison of weber fractions obtained in a simulation study and a behavioral experiment using
unforced choice paradigms


Åke  Hellström and Thomas H. Rammsayer

Effects of sensitivity, bias, and stimulus presentation order in comparative discrimination of stimulus durations:
a univariate and multivariate study


Rainer Höger

Where do we look next? First steps towards a scan path theory


Timothy L. Hubbard and Susan E. Ruppel

Boundary extension and the cueing of scene category


Frank Jäkel

Ideal Observer Models in cognitive science: progress or fad?


Kathrin Käppler

Crossmodal associations between olfaction and vision: color and shape visiualizations of odors


Florian Kattner, Stefan Coels and Wolfgang Ellermeier

Perceptual control of the irrelevant speech effect as a result of training on a dichotic listening ask


Saifuddin Kazi and Nazmul A. Khan

Hemispheric Evoked Potentials and subjective threshold of auditory stimuli for human


Takuya Kishida, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Kazuo Ueda, Gerard B. Remijn and Seiya Umemoto

A spectral-change factor related to sonority makes noise-vocoded Japanese speech intelligible


Bernhard Laback

Cochlear Implants


Craig Leth-Steensen, Elena Gallitto and Patricia Hannan

Enhancing the cognitive and motor abilities of very young children: a pilot study of the efficacy of the PlayWisely program.


Craig Leth-Steensen and Patricia Hannan

Children’s early numerical competency and PlayWisely.


Stephen Link

The drumbeat of the mind


Shimeng Liu, Yoshitaka Nakajima and Mark A. Elliott

Pause duration influences impressions of speech style in English public speaking


Anette Lohmander

Reliability of auditory perceptual assessment of hypernasality in speech using different scales


Igor Lubashevsky, Ian Wilson, Rio Suzuki and Yuki Kato

Phase transitions in binary categorization: evidence for dual-system decision making


Igor Lubashevsky

New mathematical formalism of inner psychophysics


Petra Ludowicy, Tina Weis, André Haese, Daniela Czernochowski and Thomas Lachmann

Effects of uncertainty on feedback processing in a speech-non speech discrimination paradigm:
behavioral and electrophysiological evidence


Addson Magalhães

How to improve the psychological assessment of patients with depression by using psychophysics methods


Sabine Meunier, Jacques Chatron, Sophie Savel and Guy Rabau

Binaural loudness of moving sources in free field: perceptual measurements versus at-ear levels


Svea Missfeld and Rainer Höger

Sound Assessment of aircraft overflights


Shuji Mori, Ryota Aratake, Yoh-ichi Fujisaka, Takashi Morimoto, Kazuhito Ito, Shunsake Tamura and Nobuyuki Hirose

Searching for a measure of auditory temporal resolution


Howard R. Moskowitz

Mind Genomics: From the ‘outer psychophysics’ to ‘mental psychophysics’


Gregory Neely

Field measurements of reactions to exposure to unwanted sounds and smells with the aid of an app for smartphones


Geoff Patching

Bayesian hierarchical modeling of goal-side selection in a soccer penalty kicking task


Hans-Rüdiger Pfister and Gisela Böhm

Time perception of the very distant future


Ernst Poeppel

Time windows in sensory processing as neural basis for cognitive functions


Natalia Postnova, Shin-ichiro Iwamiya and Gerhard B. Remijn

Effect of sound on memorization of visual images


Martin Riemer

Localizing sounds in time: A new timing task to prevent chronometric counting?


Helen Ross

Command signals and feedback in the perception of weight and mass


Bruce A. Schneider and Cristina D. Rabaglia

The role of stereoscopic cues in identifying objects in a cluttered visual field


Eliane Schochat

Temporal Processing: what it can tell us?


Jordan R. Schoenherr

The alterable locus of confidence processing: the contributions of diagnostic and non-diagnostic information
to confidence processing


Vered Shakuf, Thomas Lachmann, Shanley Allen, Patricia de Brito Castilho Wesseling, Sabrina Defren, Thomas Wegner, Cilia Zack and Boaz M. Ben-David

Do prosodic cues need a visa to travel? The perception of emotions in speech across languages: evidence from Hebrew,
English and German


Valentin Shendyapin

Mathematical model of decision making in sensory discrimination between objects which differ by several features


Zhuanghuoa Shi (Strongway), Xuelian Zang, Hermann J. Müller and Linyun Huang

Differential contextual learning effects in photopic and mesopic environments


Irina Shoshina, Roman Serienko, Ekaterina Zavyalova and Andrey Gruzdev

The psychophysical biomarker of chronic stress: the desynchronization of magnocellular and parvocellular visual pathways


Stanislav O. Skorik and Nickolay A. Almayev

Major and minor chords perception by professional musicians and non-musicians


Wm Wren (Bill) Stine

Modeling neural response change thresholds as random variables without memory: implications for psychophysics


Kirten Sucker, Ralf Both, Frank Müller, Uwe Hartmann, Markus Hölscher and Gerhard Winneke

2-dimensional scaling of environmental odors in field studies


Vanessa Thiele, Malte Wiethege and Kirsten Sucker

Change in odor assessment through cognitive embedding


Luis Felipe Tubagi Polito

Validity evidence of the specific pictoric scale of perceived exertion for football players - GOL Scale


Michele Vicovaro, Luca Battaglini and Stefano Noventa

The influence of the mass of a free falling body on perceived naturalness and predicted time-to-contact with the ground


Michele Vicovaro, Katia Ruta and Giulio Vidotto

The shape-weigth illusion and the brightness-weight illusion.


Willy Wong

The motor component of reaction time


Nan Yang, Roger D.Adams and Jia Han

Fechner’s three experimental methods: do the results correlate?


Xiaoyang Yu, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Yixin Zhang, Takuya Kishida and Kazuo Ueda

An acoustic analysis of preposition phrases in English


Tatjana Zabrodina and A. S. Sorokin

Sensory performance indices in chronic patients


Yixin Zhang, Xiaoyang Yu, Yoshitaka Nakajima, Kazuo Ueda, Takuya Kishida, Mark A. Elliott and Sophia Arndt

Multivariate acoustic analysis of initial consonant clusters in English